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Our company was founded by Mr. Wilhelm Hahndorf on 8 June 1932. Apart from the standard production of keyway machines, the production program of our company also includes the manufacturing of special machines, assembly lines and devices for the most diverse tasks. Moreover, we supply ready-to-install individual and serial parts, and complete structural units from almost all machinable materials. Our strength lies in the short-term individual-part and small batch production. We demonstrate our expertise and our flexibility in our complete solutions from project planning and design by our own design department and production to commissioning. Precise manufacturing and reliable customer service is part of our modern all-round service. We work consistently with qualified professionals in the field of machining, assembly, hydraulics, pneumatics and control engineering.


... is the basic prerequisite for the success of our company, be it big and small. Only those who can rely on others can work freely and concentrate on their work. And only they can feel safe enough to take bold decisions and to break new ground. However, reliability is also reflected in the trust that we have built with our customers - through the high quality of our products and our competent, straightforward demeanour.


... is a principle practiced in our company every day. Young and old complement and support each other. Each one of them bring in their strengths and benefits from the experience and capabilities of the other. As a company solidarity also means to us - acting responsibly and respectfully towards our employees and being fair to individuals. For without our dedicated employees we would not be the successful company that we are today.


... means consistently striving to achieve our goals with foresight and knowledge. We do not waver from the path - even in difficult times. Our strategy is aimed at securing long-term success of our company. Ambitious results and the continued appreciation of our company’s value guarantees our independence. This autonomy forms the foundation to successfully survive in the market, particularly in difficult times. We are therefore always in a position to react flexibly and to make decisions purely in the interests of our company, its clients and its employees.

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