Combined machine REWK 86/14 - 86/22

  • Hahndorf - Combined machine REWK 86/14
  • Hahndorf - Combined machine REWK 86/14
  • Hahndorf - Combined machine REWK 86/14
  • Hahndorf - Combined machine REWK 86/14
  • Hahndorf - Combined machine REWK 86/14
  • Hahndorf - Combined machine REWK 86/14

Key features

  • Compact sturdy design
  • Steel base with tool compartment
  • Large mounting plate
  • Swivel platen
  • Quiet running
  • Easy to operate
  • Full motor protection by PTC thermistor
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Touch control switch
  • Phase sequence and phase failure monitoring
  • Control voltage 230 V
  • Wide range of standard accessories

Description of the machine

Our keyway shapers and broaching machines are universal machines used for a variety of shaping and broaching tasks. They are characterised by solid design, easy operation and a wide range of performance. Both working methods are combined into a meaningful combination. The shaping method is applied to individual parts, blind hole slots or large workpieces. The broaching method, however, is particularly economical in batch production or frequently recurring tasks. The changeover from "shaping" to "broaching" or vice versa is carried out in just a few simple steps.

In the shaping method, there is no attachment to the table size and overhang – workpiece diameter and weight do not matter. The clamping of workpieces is quick and easy. Very large workpieces may be held in this crane and swung to the centre of the clamping plate. For shaping pitch slots or tapered bore holes, the clamping plate is tilted. The automatic clamping can take place in three stages. When the slot depth is reached, the clamping is interrupted automatically or manually. In the reverse movement, the shaping tool is automatically lowered. The stroke length can be adjusted as desired.

Technical Data

Model REWK 86/14 REWK 86/22
Model range I - Shaping/Broaching II - Shaping/Broaching
Max. slot width 34/14 mm 50/22 mm
Max splice length 300 mm 500 mm
Broaching needle length (max.) 640 mm 1050 mm
Pulling force 20 kN = 2 t 30 kN = 3 t
Cutting speed 3 m/min 6,5/3,25 m/min
Return stroke 3 m/min 6,5 m/min
Input power 1,1 kW 2,2/1,5 kW
AC gear motor 240/400 V ---
AC special motor 400 V
Electromagnetic brake yes yes
Smallest borehole-Ø
With special splice blades 6 mm 6 mm
With ram inserts 20 mm 20 mm
With simple bumper 40 mm 60 mm
During broaching 6 mm 6 mm
Clamping plate 380 x 300 mm 480 x 480 mm
Length without oil drain pan 750 mm 1240 mm
Width 580 mm 600 mm
Height 1150 mm 1280 mm
Weight Complete machine approx. 302 kg 674 kg